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"Fine art photography has meaning and owning a piece that speaks to you, is a way of expressing yourself and adding your own signature to your home or office space." - Mia Badenhorst.
Select your favourite images. Classic black and white photography updates and refreshes any decor style. Easy ordering with a variety of media and frame options. Superior museum-quality printing with worldwide shipping.
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Your interior space can create a sense of tranquility and freedom.
Art is integral in showing your personality in your home or office. It ties a room together and can transform a stark wall into a warm space with substance. It is an escape and a way to bring nature in or to tell a story.

Choose an image that speaks to you, one that makes you do a double-take. You can also try viewing the photographs while playing peaceful, calm music, or any feel-good tunes that you enjoy. This will make a big difference in the selection process. You can opt for a larger piece for a bigger wall space, or select a series of 2, 3 or 4 smaller pieces that can hang together. Prints do not have to be similar or continue a theme... the choice is completely subjective and yours to make.
This is YOUR space - your style.


Mia Badenhorst "I use my camera to see the world in a better light." - Mia Badenhorst

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My photography is a way of sharing an awareness of the beauty around us and instilling a sense of awe and gratitude. Viewing these landscapes and images creates a moment of stillness and presence in a bustling, busy, distracted world.

I am Mia, a black and white fine art photographer from South Africa.
I want my work to affect you in some way, and say something to you, based on your own life experiences. If it has that capacity, then something magical has occurred and the art has succeeded. I only sell photographs that move me in the same way.

I am a noticer of small things and grateful moments, synchronicities, and kindnesses. I am replenished by: the sea, coffee with a friend, or seemingly mundane errands with a friend, interspersed with philosophical or silly conversation and music.
There is a perpetually strong desire for road trips, an observer of people and myself. Ever evolving, healing, and perceiving.

"Photography is the most honest expression of myself." - Mia Badenhorst

Background - It began at age 11 with my grandfather's film camera. I picked up a camera again at 18 and learned black and white in the darkroom at technikon. I chose to study graphic design because it had photography as a subject. There was no photography program in our city at the time. Little did I know that fine art and design subjects would later make me a better photographer. After completing my Graphic Design Degree (Nelson Mandela University), I started out as an art and design lecturer. During that first decade until the present, I have had many roles: Teacher, Curator, Events coordinator, Promoter and charity event coordinator, Workshop creator and coordinator, Fundraiser, Charity collector & cold caller, Volunteer, Cleaner, Assistant, PR and Marketer, Administrator, Framer, Stock controller, Giclee fine art printer, Video & photo editor, Photojournalist, Candid photographer, Artist, Exhibition design & coordinator, Teacher, and
A wanderer and wonderer.

E-mail me directly if you would like some help selecting artwork for your home, interior design project or office. E-mail for collaborations.

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